Lee "Kai" Hom

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Siao arrr

hey..guys sorry long time din update stuff here not much happening here, everything s just as usual

few weeks ago, got a "Chao" trendy light-off mode hereevery district will ve a light-off session around 4 hours the reason is : some asshole still cant manage to recover or fix the power plant,heard from news, there are total 5 plants, but only 1 or 2 are working out....(siao ar...y not buy some new plant...u shouldnt let the city in the dark what...)

then few days ago, the light-off session has temporary gonenow got some asshole throw smoke bomb liao causing whole area here affected, still not too serius hopefully now it has gone..
btw, ve promised to get u some of keyboard songsjust managed to record these, here i post some of them,
plz give some comments

1. 想唱就唱
2. 認錯

Sunday, May 15, 2005


yah..today got final badminton round to watch..final match for sudirman cup...and it seems nice so rushing back from buying some dinner to make it on time b4 the time, luckily the match vent started..after had the dinner, still on time to catch even the 1st party....a mix double , they r both good pair...and had a tough battle through out the session.... china team seems on air , they donot smash oftenbut r able to retaliate smash faster n good enough ....mayb tats y the reason they come out as 1st win team .......... aha..here come 2nd round wif taufik as the player, this must be good.. been waiting forsuch player to come out...but wo knows, he missed out the 1st supposed-to-win match, and then continously lost the 2nd again...this time INDO no hope liao ...coz the players at the back 3rd,4th are professionals, differs from the INDO, where now lotsof new player is introduced. then at last, the match is 3-0 for CHINA , aiyah...supposed can watch for 5 match, now no moreliao lor...sian lor...

Monday, May 09, 2005

Here we come..brastagi!

sunday morning..... todays feeling better than the previous, since after a usual badminton session, will go out the town called brastagi ..some nice place as "genting, although cant really compared with, but at least its "cold" enough out there..long time din't visit the place oredi, that's y seems a little bit excited. but main reason goin there is to support fren whos joining singing competition which is took place there.... he's quite a good singer, this time s the 2nd stage since the audition , still there r 2 or 3 more stages to go before reaching final match..haha.. nice tough ..

cabut from the badminton earlier, ready to take a ride to the place on time plan to see some singer performs before his turn , on half way to there, suddenly car engine cant go further, seems like not enough power to hike on ..even continue ..then decided to stop down and found out that the radiator seems overheated..mayb been forced too much previously ..so we all just wait for the thing to cool down, n by hasten it wif some cold water...after a 15min time, we start going off again, everythings s fine already...then after have a "ma dai dai" lunch session, we just sit down observing the performer for another 4 hour before my fren turn.. hearing lots of the talented singer, they r good enough ... and so do my fren, after his turn, finally he can perform and also with good outcome too....time's going late already..and seems run out of schedule... we faster settle down on the same restaurant for dinner session before cabut back, and lastly only reach home at around 9.30 nite..haha..this time really spend full time on sunday ....lol

Thursday, May 05, 2005

What to say ..?ha

its noon time, when fetching my sis from her office, where i usually take u turn to position the car for easier way out later ...: ... when taking right turn , as supposed for making u turn , a bike suddenly rush from the back , luckily still can manage to stop the car in time...hiam
..hiam "lai ye" shit ...if not then just another quarrel u-blame-me i-blame-u session, not forgot to mention that now lots of those bike-assers just do whatever they like..as the roads belongs to them only...eyes still dare to stare at ppl even its their fault ...

more onto that, at night somemore some asshole supposed to be fren of not-so-closed-and-far neighbour start showing off their car engine making great noises of their engine sounds (brummmm..brommmm..brommm)... ... try to find out who the heck is that ..then realize that its just a piece of shit crusty-simply-painted modified car , if its a nice sport car then still tolerable.. ++ there s tis "green leaf" who is doin the stuff.. .way to young for them
to think of their future... they thought what ...a racing stage meh.... sigh ** ..aiyah don care lar then just tune up my speaker volume and ignored them .luckily my mood still fresh coz tomorrow is a public holiday ..oh yea :)

Monday, May 02, 2005

Nice sunday!!

today is a nice sunday.. as usual wake up early for badminton session , then take bfast and some stuff for preparation before joining fren to the court.
but who knows , just play double for 2 times, seems exhausted .. the air really very very hot , finally ended up the session with whole shirt like running in the big-rain somewhere haha.... afterward , join some lunch before going back ..another "soto" lunch again ., been nearly 1 month eating this as lunch every week after badminton session...coz its nice and somemore not much food court or cafe opening so early ..(also no mood for those kind of food yet)

later reach home , take some bath and be ready to go for K session .. which already be planned earlier.. been eager wanna try the new KTV around which has the computerised system not as before (where all manual , even picking of songs needs an operator..u imagine)
but WTF, its not as what i imagine, plus too far away .... with just some function to play on, veryvery simple find and search song program ..oh no ..
++the remote control somemore is not responding ASAP, mayb its their so called "delayed effect" haha, but anyway its better than the manual one already ...what to expect.?
although the feeling still not as nice as expected, but its a lot of fun since quite lots of people joining, we sing almost around 5 hours inside, ..
and finally everyone ciao back to home at around 8pm...and sleep earlier since havent take nap since early morning (too tiring already ) ..

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Become 1-day-Good BOy..

YO! ...saturday has come.. .but seems in "no mood" condition ...cos air seems very hot here...
can even sweat without moving ..shit ..
if just i can get something to fill the sweat ..mayb can open shop sellin water already .... or should it be considered "perfume" hahaha.. thinking of having some pocari sweat (ohhh..it must be nice )
since its already too hot to continue work ...and the time also promising for me to take some nap b4 my favorite show ..so i just fall asleep for an hour ...after waking up , try to refresh my mind to wait for the show ..mayb u all could just try watching it ...its "我猜我猜我猜猜猜“ (GUESS) ..i felt it so nice coz there were lots of jokes teasing the celebrities...haha..and also some interesting stuff to let u guess the truth since it was almost 1 hour b4 the show begin, i just spend the time watching Blade Trinity, its kinda nice show which i actually plan to watch in cinema
but can't wait too long already (coz the cinema has always been late in showing *new* film which is not considered "new" anymore..huf ...)

finally the show begin , its a lot of fun watching the show today.. ..
today topic is on best couple like in the my sassy girl, those wif "niang-niang" guy which is kinda afraid of the girl ...n the girl should be rude than the guy ..haha....some couples are quite funny...u can even have a thought "how come" how come the guy wanted to be like this?? ..there are even some "dare" actions coming out from the couple till all the celebrities feels shocked...haha...and me too ..
finally just ended up my day ..by going online and din't hang out for a Saturday nite..haha good boy!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Another Blur Day...

**blur **blur ** stare at the time : oh shit ...edi 10:00 , overslept too much ..faster go for bfast , seems like the another day has passed so fast ... feel like days really pass by in just a snap....thinkin mayb the earth is rotating faster ... (hmm.who knows ) now its edi thursday ....cant wait for saturday to come ..hoho ...after ving bfast, as usual startin on my PC , figurin what to do afterwards.. ... (hmmm mmm .. ) hands already on mouse going for winamp to start to listen my so-called "on the air" song lists..still too early to start something to do ...still blur on the mind ** aih maybe just rilex for a while ...finally decided to go online, thinking of creatin blogs thats seems quite interesting (hehe)....

oh ..good !! ve successfully created the account and URL .. then meet this "a.k.a bento" online ...based on his weblook ,quite spirited. .haha.. at least not as yesterday (thinkin mayb just saw and snap some lenglui on the way to office. .haha)chit chat wif him for a while .. and figuring the setting for my blogspot then suddenly (flash back)*winks* .. aih ...shit think already created some username previously no wonder my name is in use... lol .. try recovering and oh yeah!..... can used back my favor name ...good good ..

staring at the sky , emmm...seems like goin to rain soon good then .. recently didn't rain for some time already ... time already on 12, lunch time. still no mood yet..so just pick up guitar ...n start practise ..(its still long way to go to be like guitarist 'foi' haha)
sifu,.. time to pass ur skill to ur student again..hahaha after pickin for half an hour, switch to entertain my brain ...go for warcraft III (actually seems nice, coz long time din play already) , try defeating enemy with only heroes (its nice , although it might take mostly hours) lol

time goes by , as soon as night reach . just planning to take dinner, suddenly *poff* (hearin ppl shout :aaarggghhhh)...(everything become dark in a glimpse) (oh shit!!! really) electric goes off , oh no ...been often no electricity these few days....heard from news that the generator or somewhat device goes down.... its been always like this ...there r somehow a sequence on which area will off first before reaching our place (something like OFF shift ...sucks). wait ...wait and ...........wait, theen waittt again .......<3hours..later> light on !! yeah...but time is 22:30 already ..hm ..just decided to end up the day with nice old movie "High Risk" starred by jet lee showing at TV .......